'65 Lime Bike project


2004年、SoCal Bike showでグランドプライズを受賞したバイクに使われたこのフレームは、Big Daddy Dave Cardona氏の手により1998年にリペイントされた物で,シートポストデカール以外のロゴやフォークダーツもDaveによるペイント(チェーンガードロゴのスクリーンはHyper-FormanceのPeteが担当)。

This Lime Green Frame was the grand prize at the SoCal bike show few year ago that Dave and Dale hosted. It is a JA frame, with 12/5 dated forks. Big Daddy Dave Cardona did the paint work, the chain guard was sent to Pete@Hyper-formance for the screen. The Schwinn lettering on top bar and fork darts were painted on by Dave, only decal on this bike is the schwinn decal on seat post tube. NOS headset, Nice badge and kickstand....
Paint is a real professional job. Dave is well known for his quality work, especially his flamboyant lime paint jobs.

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