Metal ElvisのCDが届きました。今日の作業がはかどりそうです。

METAL ELVIS: "The KING'S Classic Hit's... Metal Style!" This is the "MASH-UP" of The King's greatest hits with yesterday's Metal (Hard Rock Metal to Glam Metal to Thrash Metal). Say the "King" meets "Black Sabbath", "Led Zeppelin", "Gun's & Roses" & "Motley Crue", "Metallica" & others of the 70's & 80's. It's the "rumor", that after "faking" his death in 1977, that the "King", twenty five years after his "so called death", came out of hiding and commissioned a private investigative group to find his "only biological son." Knowing that he couldn't make a "comeback" himself in 2002, the "King" convinced his only begotten son to take his royal place... Hence he handed his "crown" down to him, with these words: "Son, take this crown and all that it represents... Take too, my cars, my guns, my doctors & my women! I want you to make me proud boy. "My boy, my boy" I don't want you to impersonate me, but reinvent my music. I've sang everything from Country, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll... So how about a little Metal son? Metal baby! Metal!" At that point, it was agreed by both father and son that a father's "legacy" would indeed continue to live on through the son... Metal style baby! LONG LIVE THE KING, and please welcome his band: On guitar from Guns & Roses - "Slash", On bass from Motley Crue - "Nikki Sixx" and from KISS on drums - "The Katman." Welcome to the world of "METAL ELVIS" baby!!!

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