my boys

earlier fat version
made from same mold, but used different materials. rough surface one(right) is harder than smooth surface one(left)

skinny version w/cursive logo
totally different molds. left one has the smallest head ever.

skinny version
all bodies looks same mold.. left and center has same heads, but right one is different head mold.

later fat version w/brown ringer shirt
same mold, different finishes, glossy and mat
.. i like every details of this version.

left: pale | center: ugliest face ever | right: same details as earlier fat version but bit smaller

left: Funco w/blue shoes(1999) | center: 60 years anniversary, 1936 style(1996) |
right: repop skinny version(2001)
, details were almost same as old skinny version other than bigger eyes.

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